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The Ultimate List of Dog Friendly Wineries in Santa Ynez

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Hello to all dog lovers and pet parents planning to explore Santa Ynez’s wine scene! Tucked away in the picturesque landscapes of California, Santa Ynez is home to a myriad of wineries eager to welcome your furry friends.

This guide aims to share essential tips and a curated list of vineyards dedicated to ensuring a pleasant visit for you and your dogs in Santa Ynez.

At Destination Drivers, we specialize in crafting dog friendly wine tours that cater to every member of your family, ensuring no paw is left behind. This guide is your gateway to the best dog friendly wineries in Santa Ynez, ensuring your wine tour is a delightful experience for both you and your furry friend.

Essential Tips for a Smooth Dog Friendly Wine Tour

A memorable visit to a dog friendly winery starts with preparation. Here are key tips to ensure your wine tasting adventure in Santa Ynez is enjoyable and hassle-free:

  • Leash and Love: Keeping your dog on a leash ensures the comfort and safety of all winery guests.
  • Packing for Two: Remember to bring water, snacks, and toys if needed to keep your pet happy and hydrated throughout the day.
  • Mind the Space of Others: Remember, not everyone may enjoy the company of dogs. Keep yours close and under control to respect others’ space.
  • Tidy Up: It’s important to always clean up after your pet, in and around the winery. Bring bags for waste and take your dog to relieve themselves in appropriate spots, like the parking area.
  • Know the Rules: Before visiting, check the winery’s pet policy (we can’t guarantee our list is 100% accurate, despite our best efforts) including any size limits.

a dog playing with a frisbee in its mouth at a winery

An Ultimate List of Santa Ynez’s Dog Friendly Wineries

Here’s a large selection of dog friendly wineries in Santa Ynez, guaranteed to encourage you to bring your dog along on your wine-tasting experience:

(But how will you decide where to go? Consult with Destination Drivers, a dog-friendly wine tour company, who will ensure you make a coherent route hitting the best, most memorable wineries with your pet.)

– A Tribute To Grace
– Alta Maria
– Alma Rosa
– Amada Cellars
– Andrew Murray Vineyards
– Arrowsmith’s Wine Bar
– Babcock Winery And Vineyards
– Barden Wines
– Bien Nacido
– Brander
– Brave And Maiden
– Brewer Clifton
– Buttonwood Farm And Vineyards
– Byron
– Calilove
– Cambria Estate Vineyard And Winery
– Carhart Family Wines
– Carivitas
– Carucci Wines
– Casa Dumetz
– Coquelicot
– Cottonwood Canyon Vineyard And Winery
– Crosshatch Winery
– Dafoe Wines
– Demetria Estate
– Dovecote
– Dovecote Winery
– Dragonette Cellars
– Epiphany
– Fess Parker Winery And Vineyard
– Firestone Vineyard
– Folded Hills
– Foley
– Four Brothers Wine Co.
– Foxen Canyon Winery
– Future Perfect
– Gainey Vineyard
– Grassini Family Vineyards
– Grimm’s Bluff
– Happy Canyon Vineyard
– Hitching Post Wines
– Holus Bolus
– J. Dirt Wines
– J. Wilkes
– Jaime Slone Wines
– Kaena Wines
– Kalyra Winery
– Kessler-Haak Vineyard And Wines
– Koehler Winery
– Lincourt
– Longoria Wines
– Lumen Wines
– Margerum Wine Company
– Melville Winery
– Montemar
– Pali Wine Co.
– Peake Ranch
– Pres’quile
– Rancho Sisquoc
– Riverbench Vineyard And Winery
– Roblar Winery And Vineyard
– Rock 12 Distillery
– Saarloos And Sons
– Samsara Wine Co.
– Sandhi
– Sanford Winery And Vineyards
– So Far Out Wine Company
– Sort This Out Cellars
– Star Lane Vineyard And Winery
– Stolpman Vineyards
– Storm Wines
– Story Of Soil
– Strange Family Vineyards
– Sunstone Winery
– Sweetzer Cellars
– Tercero Wines
– Terre Et Sang
– The Valley Project
– Tomi Cellars
– Vega Vineyard And Farm
– Vincent Estate Vineyard And Winery
– Wandering Dog Wine Bar
– Zaca Mesa Winery And Vineyards

Be mindful that this list’s accuracy might fluctuate due to changes over time in wineries’ policies. It’s best to verify directly with the wineries for the most current information.

This compilation includes details from various Santa Barbara County and Santa Ynez wineries travel sources and our own experiences. The Santa Ynez wine landscape is constantly growing, meaning this list likely doesn’t not cover all options.

Not finding a winery here doesn’t mean it’s not welcoming to dogs. For specific inquiries, Destination Drivers is happy to help confirm these details.

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Beyond the Vines: A Complete Dog Friendly Wine Tour Experience

Complement your visit to Santa Ynez’s dog friendly wineries with a stroll through lush trails or a stay in cozy, pet-accommodating lodgings. Destination Drivers’ dog friendly wine tours are designed to ensure you and your pet have an unforgettable adventure in wine country.

Dog Parks in the Region:

PAWS Park, situated at 568 Dawn Drive in Buellton, California, stands as the Santa Ynez Valley’s sole off-leash dog park. It features two fenced sections tailored for different dog sizes and operates as a non-profit, relying on donations and volunteer work to maintain a welcoming and secure environment for dogs to enjoy their freedom and play.

Tabano Hollow Dog Park in Goleta, CA, offers a fenced, grassy play area next to San Antonio Creek, making it an ideal location for off-leash exercise, playtime, and socialization for your dog. But, it’s not exactly in wine country, being down in Goleta.

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Dog Friendly Santa Ynez

Driver David with doggy co-pilot

Where to Stay with your Dog in Santa Ynez Wine Country:

– Alamo Motel
– Alisal Ranch
– Chumash Casino Resort Hotel
– Fess Parker Wine Country Inn
– Flying Flags RV Resort
– Hampton Inn and Suites Buellton
– Hamlet Inn
– Hotel Corque
– Hotel Hygge
– Hotel Ynez
– The Hadsten Solvang
– The Inn at Mattei’s Tavern
– The Inn at Zaca Creek
– The Landsby
– The Royal Copenhagen Inn
– The Genevieve
– The Windston
– King Frederik Inn
– Kronberg Inn
– Quality Inn Buellton Solvang
– Santa Ynez Valley Marriott
– Sideways Inn
– Skyview Los Alamos
– Solvang Inn and Cottages
– Svensgaard’s Danish Lodge
– Vinland Hotel and Lounge
– Viking Inn
– Wine Valley Inn and Cottages

Choose Destination Drivers for Your Dog Friendly Wine Tour

a dog sitting in the grass at a winery in santa ynez

Keeping your dog leashed while at the winery is good practice

With Destination Drivers, embarking on a dog friendly wine tour in Santa Ynez means enjoying a stress-free, fully personalized experience. Our expert guides are enthusiasts of both wine and pets, making us your ideal partner for discovering the valley’s pet-friendly offerings.

Relish the comfort of your own vehicle, guided by a driver who’s happy to accommodate your canine. Destination Drivers guarantees a seamless and unforgettable experience for you and your joyful pet, whether you’re savoring the winery sights or enjoying the outdoor splendor of Santa Ynez.

Ready to explore the scenic dog friendly wineries of Santa Ynez? Contact Destination Drivers 833.868.7733 to tailor your perfect pet-inclusive wine-tasting journey. In Santa Ynez, every sip is accompanied by picturesque views and every trip promises unforgettable memories for you and your pet.

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