19 Reasons Why You Need A Driver for Wine Tasting in California

Planning a weekend (or weekday) away for some California wine tasting, huh?

Well Done!

California is renowned for its excellent weather, beautiful countryside and most importantly, world-class wines.

Now it’s your turn to savor a well-deserved trip through the vineyards of the West Coast (which, by the way, attract millions of visitors nationwide and worldwide each year).

But, before you turn the key…

Who’s Driving?

You are responsible right? You do want to keep your friends and family safe right?

Of course you do! So, naturally, the first question that should come to mind is: Who is driving the car?

“Oh, right! Well, I uh… I suppose I’ll drive..” you say sheepishly, “…But, I’ll be good. I’ll stay under the limit! Besides, I don’t need to drink that much wine anyways…”

Friends! The whole point of venturing out into wine country is to taste! Why volunteer yourself to drive? You’ve worked hard enough already! Don’t you think you’ve earned the luxury of having someone else work for you?

This is your holiday to sit back, relax, and indulge in the many delights California wine country has to offer!

Don’t take one for the team, don’t sacrifice your own good time, and definitely don’t risk a DUI and/or accident by driving under the influence!

Okay.” you say, “So, how are we gonna get around? What’s the best mode of transportation for wine tasting, anyway?”

Hire a Driver!

That’s right. Not a limo, not a bus, not a town car, not a hang-glider. For your wine tasting and wine tour needs, whether it be Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, Napa, Sonoma, Temecula, or Monterey Bay, all you have to do is hire a personal wine tour driver to drive you in your own car.

“A wine tour driver for my car???”

Yep! It’s a no-brainer. A wine tour driver from Destination Drivers combines the convenience of a chauffeur with the quality of a professional wine tour, all in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Car at Demetria Winery
Guests pulled up in their own vehicle to Demetria Winery in Foxen Canyon

“But why should I hire a driver? Is it the best way to tour wine country, after all?”

Need a reason? How bout 19? Below, we provide you with 19 reasons why hiring a professional driver is the #1 choice for your wine tour in California:

Reason 1) Because It’s Your Day To Enjoy!

You should never feel any pressure while wine tasting! It’s time to go at your own pace, relax and enjoy the holiday you deserve with Destination Drivers.

You’ll get the freedom to choose how to adventure without the stress of organizing everything yourself.

Daou Winery
Guests relaxing mid-tour.

Know exactly where you want to go, great! No idea? Great! You can either be the route planner, or rely on a driver’s expertise for suggestions.

Other wine tour companies (limos, vans, buses) have strict schedules and only visit a few pre-approved wineries.

Don’t get boxed into an itinerary catering to only the biggest, most popular wineries! Instead, allow our professional drivers to help you decide based on your wine preferences.

A fun wine tasting group at Daou Vineyards – Paso Robles, Ca

Or, switch it up and visit some of the best breweries in California! Your tour can be modified to incorporate beer tastings as well. What about distilleries, you ask? Yeah! Okay! Who’s feeling spiritual?

Reason 2) You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Your Own Wine Holiday!

Sure, designating yourself as the driver is respectable and noble. You’ll get your cookie and your gold star and you’ll be knighted by the Holy Order of Nice Guys too. But you won’t get your wine!

Here’s the correct formula:
You + Wine + Someone else being the DD = You drinking wine.

Book a driver, and when you look back on photos from the weekend, you’ll be glad you did! If you aren’t – we’ll eat a bug! Guaranteed! But we get to choose the bug.

Seriously though, just look at these people. They hired a driver:

Super group tasting at Lincourt during a Santa Ynez wine tour
What more?

Reason 3) You’ll Feel Like A Local

If your wine tour party posse is unfamiliar with Paso Robles,  you’ve never been to Temecula, or need help navigating Santa Barbara, hiring Destination Drivers gives you the great luxury of a guide who knows the regions better than you do.

Our guests on a private wine tasting with Ernst Storm of Storm Wines, Santa Maria
  • Find the secret spots not on Yelp/Tripadvisor

  • Avoid the crowds (if you want!)

  • Maximize your time

Furthermore, Destination Drivers connects you with delicious food in wine country, be it wineries that serve food, food trucks, or pre-ordered food stored in a cooler packs just for you.

Food and wine alike, they’ll curate unique tasting experiences using local knowledge as guide.

Reason 4) Your Own Car Is Comfy

Crawling in/out of limos and buses isn’t the best. It’s not even second best. In fact, it’s not even invited to the competition of the best things to do in wine country.

Besides, tinted windows of limousines hinder the beautiful views! And riding in the back of a big bus can cause motion-sickness. You paid a $1000 bucks, and all you got was this lousy motion-sickness!?

Set to depart Gainey Vineyards In Santa Ynez

Instead, enjoy all the comforts of riding in your own car, with your own stereo, your own music, and all the vehicular amenities you love about your wheels.

Drives like a dream, don’t it? Peer out the windows at the rolling countryside vineyards as your honey leans over and kisses you.

“So romantic of you to hire a driver.”

Next thing you know, you’re arriving at the first winery of the day in the hippest ride on the road, yours! Let us grab that door for you Sir/Ma’am!

Reason 5) They Can Drive Your Rental Car

– Congratulations! –

You’ve just won the 10,000th wine blog reader giveaway!!! It’s a wonderful prize package containing the fact that Destination Drivers is able to drive rental vehicles, too!

Yep! We’ll drive your Enterprise/National rental cars. Just provide your rental agreement number and the driver may be added to the policy.

Reason 6) Because It’s Affordable! The Most Affordable!

Some people just love throwing money away! But those people are usually slouched in front of slot-machines with their ashtrays and fading dreams.

Well, this ain’t Vegas, and the dream here is you saving the dough you’d otherwise waste on expensive vans, party buses, or limousines so you can win big on the ultimate prize – wine, baby!

Let me show you how this is done…

Destination Drivers starts at $35/hour in most service areas! So, a four-hour wine tour will cost the equivalent of a few local bottles of wine, with the option to extend your time for as long as you wish.

  • Large groups? Yes!
  • Book multiple drivers!
  • No time limits, no winery limits!
The costly alternative

Reason 7) They’re Vetted and Trusted

Destination Drivers partake in a thorough driving training and must meet strict requirements in order to join the roster.

Requirements of Destination Drivers Wine Tour Operators:

  • Over 25 years old
  • Non-smokers
  • Clean/clear driving records
  • Willing to pass background checks
  • Hospitality and customer service experience
  • Knowledge of wine and brewery regions

Hire the one company that has proven itself to over 30,000 guests to be a 5-Star Experience!

Wine Tour Reviews – Go With The Best!

Reason 8) They Handle The Parking, You Handle The Wine Tasting

Let’s talk about parking……… Naaah. Let’s not! Your driver handles it!

They’ll keep the car cool and comfortable and have it parked right up at the entrance when you’re finished with your tastings.

No long walks back to a hot car in the baking sun. Wine bottles are safely and properly stowed and your vehicle is looked after at all times.

Reason 9) Buy Wine – They Carry It

Lemme, get that bottle of pinot for you!

Destination Drivers truly cares about making your wine tour experience effortless! No more lugging bottles and cases of wine out to your car.

They’ll carry your wine, your gifts, your dog. Heck, they’ll even carry you. They’ll even help you keep track of whose is whose, if you need it.

Reason 10) Because They Know Where To Go!

Even with GPS, people still get lost searching for wineries (especially on small back country roads).

Ride-sharing drivers don’t always drop guests off at the right spots, in many cases dropping you off nowhere near the intended winery!

Honey, for the last time, I am NOT asking for directions. I got this here compass and map from my scouting days. Troop #347 Salute!

Don’t make that mistake! Hire a Destination Driver who knows the winding backroads of Paso Robles and Santa Ynez, the secret spots in Sonoma and Napa, and the backdoors to Temecula and Monterey wineries like the back of Marco Polo’s hands.

Keep Calm and Wine Taste On!

California wine map.

“Okay, do we really need any more reasons? I get it, this is a great service, can we just book it now? Long articles aren’t really my jam. More of a Twitter person myself, ya know? 240 characters or less! Quick stories. Snap snap, get to the point!  I mean..”

REASON 11!!! It’s Easy to Book a Wine Tour

Book Paso Robles
Book Santa Barbara
Book Temecula
Book Monterey Bay
Book San Luis Obispo

Booking a designated driver for your wine tour is extremely simple, mobile-friendly, 100% secure, and only takes a few minutes.

Select your wine country territory in California and enter the desired date of your trip. Let’s go!

Reason 12) Tour Drivers Double as Photographers!

Work it! Work it! Yes! Destination Drivers are happy to take photos for you any time at no extra cost.

Hand them your camera or phones, or they’ll take photos with their own devices.

Guests enjoying the best wine tour in Paso Robles

Need an epic backdrop for your group photo? Ask your driver! They’ll know of the perfect hillside vineyard or lookout to capture the moment.

Look back on your day and share it with friends! And don’t forget to tag @destinationdrivers on Instagram!

Reason 13) They Keep You Hydrated

Pouring a 2018 estate-grown water

Hey, Johnny Faceplant!  Wine tasting can easily put you into a buzzed state if you move too quickly, but worry not…

Destination Drivers will keep your vehicle’s drink holder stocked with a fresh cold bottle of H2O at all times, reminding you to take your time and water up between each tour stop so the day lasts as long as you want it to.

Reason 14) They’ll Connect You With Dog-Friendly Wineries

Want your dog along for the ride? Please, bring your beloved pup!

Destination Drivers can even cater your route specifically to dog-friendly venues in wine country – just make note that you’ll be bringing them along in advance.

Wine dog along for the ride in Santa Ynez

If a winery doesn’t allow dogs we’ll be happy to walk your hound outdoors while you enjoy your wine tasting.

Reason 15) Because You’ll Stay On Track

It’s imperative that wine tour is stress-free. You shouldn’t be hustled off to the next winery until you’re absolutely ready.

Destination Drivers can contact the next winery if your group runs late so that no one feels hurried while keeping you on track for a well-balanced, full day of enjoyment.

Have special appointments or time frames? Drivers assist with the flow of the route and the tour as a whole. And on that note…

Reason 16) They’ll Set The Appointments For You

If appointment setting sounds like a hassle, don’t do it! After booking, drivers can contact you to discuss any potential plans, appointments, and logistics.

No worries over how to plan for distance and time between appointments in areas you’re unfamiliar with.

The most interesting man in the world

Reason 17) Exclusive Wine Tastings!

Roll out the wine-stained carpet! Destination Drivers’ team has established relationships with wineries offering private tours, special tastings, library tastings, and access to reserve bottles.

Library wines at Law Estate in Paso Robles

Standard tour guests are likely encounter incredible experiences irregardless of prior planning, though elevated wine tour options are available to those who seek them.

Destination Drivers constantly builds and deepens its relationships with top wineries in each region to improve all of the California wine tours availed to visiting guests.

Reason 18) They’ll Take You to the Best Restaurants in Wine Country!

What’s all the great wine worth if it isn’t paired with great food anyway? No wine adventure is truly complete without a stellar dining experience from a local restaurant.

Whether its Paso Robles restaurants, eateries in Temecula, or fine dining in Monterey Bay…

Destination Drivers has you covered!

There’s nothing better than food and wine! Let’s eat!

Be driven safely out to dinner after your winery tours are complete, and if you need a gap of time in between, OK! Let the driver know if you’d like any suggestions.

Reason 19)  You Can Speak With A Real Person To Decide If Hiring a Personal Driver is Right For You!

Give Destination Drivers a CALL ANY TIME for consultation about your wine tour:

833.868.7733   833.TOURSDD

Enter the extension of the area which you are interested in and a friendly representative will answer. If the line is busy, you’ll be directed to a voice mailbox and they will return your call as soon as possible.

Clos Solene Winery – One of the best tasting rooms in Paso Robles
Or simply BOOK ONLINE at


So there you have it! 19 reasons why you NEED to hire a designated driver for California wine tasting. Cheers, and see you in the country!