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Since 2010, Destination Drivers and our team of over 40 safe and professional designated drivers has served over 30,000 guests visiting wine country. Wine tasting, brewery tours, distillery tours, dinners, concerts, weddings, long-distance trips. We drive you in your own vehicle so you don't have to. Now servicing Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, Edna Valley, Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara County and other areas.

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How Does It Work?

Request a driver online or by phone. A driver is assigned and confirms with you the day before your tour or sooner. The driver meets you at your location and takes care of you for as long as you need them. They bring bottled waters to keep everyone hydrated (+ food if requested). No DUIs, no problems! End of day payment is quick and easy.

What Does It Cost?

Rates for most our standard tours begin at $35 per hour with a four-hour minimum (3-hour minimum for Temecula). Prices are listed on each regional site page for particular tours, varying by group size and region. Tips and gratuity are not included in the rate and drivers accept them graciously. Payments are accepted in cash only.

Who Are The Drivers?

Our team comes from different backgrounds, but each driver is trained and tested to ensure they exercise high-level awareness and attention to detail. Every one is a non-smoker with a clear DMV record, possessing their own personal independent car insurance.

What Are The Destinations?

Where to? It's your day and you get to go where you want, when you want, for as long as you want. With that in mind, we routinely make suggestions and assist with planning/reservations to make your experience the best it can possibly be.

What If We Have A Rental Vehicle?

We drive rental vehicles, and please use Enterprise as with them, it's easy for our driver to be added onto your rental policy as an 'additional'. If you already have your rental agreement number, include it in the comments of your booking request.

How Does Insurance Work?

To use Destination Drivers, you have to sign an agreement and provide insurance for your vehicle. The drivers we refer to you are independent contractors, each carrying their own insurance policies. Between you and your driver, you should be protected in the rare case of an accident, but there is a very small chance in certain instances that you and your driver's insurances do not cover everything. You are giving your driver 'permissive status' to drive your vehicle under your policy, and agreeing that in the rare case of an accident, Destination Drivers will not be held liable if either insurance policy does not cover any or all of the costs. Your insurance company becomes the 'primary' if anything should happen to your vehicle.

What If We Have A Large Group?

For groups larger than one vehicle can fit, you may simply hire additional drivers to drive additional vehicles. We also commonly drive 15-passenger vans rented by our guests (Enterprise is best).

Are You Dog-Friendly? Can We Drink Our Dog?

You are most welcome to bring your puppy! Many wineries allow dogs, and some do not. We can tailor your destinations to those which are dog-friendly, and drivers are OK with watching/walking your dog should there be any issues.

Can You Get Us Private Tastings?

In most areas, we can offer this whenever/wherever appropriate. With advance notice we can make reservations for you to experience cave tours, barrel tastings, and arrange special meetings. This can be done for any tour, but some guests find the best value in our Gold Key Tour (The "GKT" Paso Robles Only) The GKT is an elevated experience wine tour where your driver, tastings, private tours, and gourmet lunches are included in the price. Please visit GoldKeyTours.com for more information.

Can You Offer Drivers For Things Other Than Wine Tasting?

In addition to wine tasting tours, we offer designated drivers in service of weddings, sporting events, festivals, concerts, bar-hopping, dinners, and long-distance trips. We can also offer one-way rides so you can to a location safely without worrying about retrieving your vehicle at a later time. Our most common tours and offerings are listed on this website - if we can be of service to you in a different context, let us know!

Do I Have To Put Down a Deposit?

As both a convenience to you and a security precaution, we do not require a deposit. That being said, we are taking the risk of no-shows and having to pay our drivers if guests cancel last minute. We understand there are emergencies, but please help us reduce these inconveniences by giving us plenty of advance notice if you need to cancel by contacting your driver and/or the main office at 833.868.7733


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