1. Book a driver

Through our online form, it's easy to request a date.

Fill out the form and a driver will get in touch with you to confirm the date. We are happy to make suggestions, discuss plans, set reservations, or drive completely on-the-fly.

Booking by phone is also acceptable.

2. We drive your car

A driver arrives at your location to take care of you for the day.

Sit back and relax as you travel safely to your destinations. All doors are opened, photos snapped, and purchases carried for you.

Complimentary water is provided and gourmet cheese boxes are available at a highly discounted price.

3. Return Safely

Your driver gets you back home. No DUIs, No problems!

If you have purchased wine or other goods, we are happy to help you carry them inside.
If you have dinner plans, we can arrange the same or another driver to help.

End of day payment is quick and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What are your rates?

Our rates start at $35 per hour with a three hour minimum. See our Rates page for details.

• Do I get to choose where we go?

Absolutely! That's the beauty of our service. It's your day and you get to go where you want, when you want, for as long as you want. With that in mind, we commonly help with planning and make suggestions if so desired.

• Wait, so you drive my car?

Yes. You are hiring a designated driver to drive you in your own vehicle.

• How does insurance work?

To use Destination Drivers, you have to sign an agreement and provide insurance for your vehicle. The drivers we refer to you are independent contractors, each carrying their own insurance policies. Between you and your driver, you should be protected in the rare case of an accident, but there is a very small chance in certain instances that you and your driver's insurances do not cover everything. You are giving your driver 'permissive status' to drive your vehicle under your policy, and agreeing that in the rare case of an accident, Destination Drivers will not be held liable if either insurance policy does not cover any or all of the costs. Your insurance company becomes the 'primary' if anything should happen to your vehicle.

• What if I'm renting a car?

Great! Our drivers can be added as a secondary driver to your rental contract. (We recommend Enterprise.) Let us know when booking if your vehicle is a rental.

• Can we bring our dog?

You are welcome to bring your puppy! Most wineries allow dogs, although there are exceptions.

• Where do you get your drivers?

Our team comes from different backgrounds, but each driver is trained and tested to ensure they exercise high-level awareness and attention to detail. Every one is a non-smoker with a clean record.

• Can your service arrange exclusive or private winery tours, barrel tastings, etc.?

Yes. With advance notice we can make reservations for you and arrange special plans.

• Can I hire you for other events besides wine tasting?

Of course! We offer designated drivers to service weddings, sporting events, concerts, bar-hopping, dinner, long-distance trips, and more.
We can also offer one-way rides.

• I want to take my company out tasting in wine country - there are 20 of us!

Excellent! We'll provide a few more drivers for some extra vehicles.

• Couldn't I just take an Uber?

While Uber is convenient, they don't focus on customer service. Complaints from winery staff and former customers reflect this. Since 2010, Destination Drivers has worked hard to develop a customer service model which made us the 5-Star-Rated private driver service we are today.