Standard Rates

For standard touring, there is a 3-hour minimum.
We accept cash or card (5% processing fee).

No. of guests in vehicle Hourly Rate
1-5 $35
6-10 $45
11-15 $55

After booking online, we will contact you to put a credit card on file. It will not be charged until the end of the day. Our drivers take either cash or use Square's secure payment system to quickly and easily charge payment. *For cancellations later than 24-hour in advance, up to a 3-hour fee may be charged.


We do not charge an automatic gratituity to your bill.
Gratuity is at your discretion.

One-Way Trips

If you are going to an event (dinner, concert, wedding etc.) and would like a driver to drive you and your vehicle/s home, we can accomodate you. Booking and payment are processed in advance.

If you would like a driver to drive you long-distance (Santa Barbara to San Francisco, for example), this can be arranged as well.

Rates are determined by distance on top of a minimum basic charge. Please inquire in advance.