The original personal designated driver service. Over 20,000 served!

Millions of visitors enter our communities every year to visit and enjoy alcoholic drinks at wineries, breweries, and restaurants. Like you, we want to keep our roads safe - that means each and every would-be drunk driver rides in a passenger seat, preventing DUI/accidents and saving lives. Now in our seventh year, Destination Drivers continues our mission to offer professional, knowledgable designated drivers to as many of our visiting and local guests as possible. Our team of skilled drivers provide both safety and a level of customer service which is simply unparalleled in the industry, guaranteeing our guests a relaxed, worry-free experience they'll want to repeat again and again.

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Our Driver Team

As our guests, we realize handing over the keys to your own vehicle and sitting in the back seat may be a new experience. Rest-assured, you'll love it! We hand-pick each and every member of our team to ensure 100% of our drivers provide consistent, high-quality service to you and your car, setting you at ease while driving safely and smoothly to your destinations. All of our drivers are insured, non-smokers with clean driving records. We drive at safe, legal speeds, allowing you to enjoy the views and have an unforgettable day!

*Check back for upcoming driver profiles.